PSCV for iOS is updated

PlaySCriptViewer for iOS is updated to 1.3.0. 64-bit processor is supported. Fix of problem that a script with old setting didn’t open. Download

PSCVL for Android is updated

PlaySCriptViewerLite for Android is updated to 0.4. Supports View mode (Normal/Icon). Icons for characters can be set. Jump to prev/next scene by double-tapping. Download

PSCVL for iOS is updated

PlaySCriptViewerLite for iOS is updated to 1.1.0. Supports 64-bit processor. Hides status bar in full screen on iOS 7 and later. The problem the app went to background when selecting a script while iAd was displayed is fixed. Download

Updated PSC a little

PlayScriptConv is updated as 0.052. “Θέσπης notation” is added to preset Export settings. Note that your current Export settings will not remain if you simply overwrite them.