Rabbit and Turtle

Rabbit is dying to boast about his running speed.
He decided to race with someone slower in public.
Turtle cannot run fast because of his heavy carapace.
Rabbit challenged Turtle.
“Okay”, Turtle said.

The race between Rabbit and Turtle started.
Rabbit is running like a streak of lightning.
Turtle takes a little rest at every step as the carapace is heavy.
Rabbit almost reached the goal when Turtle went a few steps ahead.

Rabbit thought it’s a waste to finish soon.
He wanted to show off and to be admired.
He showed himself taking a nap to the audience in front of the goal.

Next morning, Rabbit was still sleeping when Turtle caught up.
Turtle said “It’s morning” to get Rabbit up.
“Damn! I got up late”, Rabbit said.
Rabbit has a headache when he sleeps too much.

Rabbit “It hurts! Terrible headache!”
Turtle “My carapace is Chinese medicine. Scrape off and drink it.”
Rabbit “I don’t need that creepy shit!”
Turtle “So, you don’t want to recover?”
Rabbit “I’m dying! I must recover!”

Rabbit scraped the carapace off with a stone.
When he drank it, he recovered a little.
Turtle said “Drink more”.
Rabbit went on scraping and drinking the carapace.
When he completely recovered, Turtle didn’t have a carapace.

Turtle “He-he, good boy. now you drank it up.”


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