PlayScriptConv converts text files into PSCML data.
Converted data can be used as follows.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7+
  • .Net Framework 4.5+

※ It may work on XP.

Known issues

It seems scripts without slugline are not properly imported. Please insert at least one slugline.


→ PlayScriptConv 0.054 (974,608 bytes)

※ Currently, only Japanese version is available.

How to Install

Just extract the zip archive. For details, please read the document in it.



Update history

PlayScriptConv 0.053 -> 0.054 Updates

  • Labels for machine learning can be output as a separate file.

PlayScriptConv 0.052 -> 0.053 Updates

  • Each Import/Export setting can be imported/exported.
  • Import/Export settings folders are empty when downloaded to avoid overwriting existing ones.
  • Preset Import/Export settings can be loaded when no setting is stored.
  • “Output labels for machine learning” is added to Export options.

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