PlaySCriptViewer (PSCV) is a play script reader for smartphones. It supports PSCML-formatted data.
It’s handy when you want to show your own writing script to your friends quickly, or when you want to check dialogues quickly on the go.

You can use PlayScriptConv (PSC) to generate PSCML data from text data.

You can customize the script’s appearance, and show icons for characters.

In addition, the appearance table can be automatically generated from the script data.


for iOS

Please make sure the Free version can launch on your device before purchasing.

Known issues

  • It seems scripts without slugline are not displayed correctly. Please load scripts with sluglines.

for Android

Many features available on iOS are not available in PSCVL for Android because it’s delivered under development.

  • On Android 6.0+, access to storage should be allowed in Application setting screen.

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